7 FREE Crochet Pillow Patterns You’ll Add To Your Bookmark

When it comes to home style there is nothing that can transform your décor as quickly as a few throw pillows in delightful themes and colors.

Crochet pillows are just the thing to brighten up any home and add a personal design touch. They are soft, comfortable, and fun and can be used in any room from the living area, to the bedrooms, to children’s rooms.Pillows with fun themes are perfect for scattering around the children’s play area.

With basic stitches and a few creative touches you can easily complete your pillow project over a weekend. Below are 7 free crochet pillow pattern inspirations – so get your crochet hooks out and let’s get you started.

7 FREE Crochet Pillow Patterns You’ll Add To Your Bookmark.Find 276+ More #shareapattern.Click To Tweet

Crochet Pompom Sunshine Pillow


Crochet this sunshine pillow with pompoms for sun rays in bright sunshine yellow to cheer up a child’s bedroom with its happy smile and pink cheeks. The pompoms are ideal for little hands to grab hold of and carry around. They are also perfect to make for your child’s next pompom party.

Designer : repeatcrafterme
Pattern Here: Crochet Pompom Sunshine Pillow


Round Granny Square Crochet Pillow

Round Granny Square Crochet Pillow
Granny square crochet stitch is quick and easy and looks great when done in coordinated colors. These soft round pillows look great on a vintage rocking chair, scattered in the sunroom, or on the bed in the guestroom. Granny crochet patterns are also a great way to use up left-over yarn from other projects.

Designer : petalstopicots
Pattern Here: Round Granny Square Crochet Pillow


Catch a wave Crochet Pillow

Catch a wave Crochet Pillow

A pillow with a beach theme is great for decorating a beach cottage or bringing memories of the surf home. Surf’s up, so let’s get crocheting with this beautiful ocean inspired pillow from Bernat Maker Home Dec.

Designer : yarnspirations
Pattern Here: Catch a wave Crochet Pillow


Granny Square Cushion Cover

Granny Square Cushion Cover

The inspiration for this granny square pillow came from the bright colors of spring that will instantly revitalize a home after the long winter months, but you can use any combination of colors to suit your lifestyle and home décor. These delightful cushions will bring the beauty and color of a spring garden right into your home.

Designer : tutsplus
Pattern Here: Granny Square Cushion Cover


12” Buttoned Throw Pillow

 12” Buttoned Throw Pillow

This is an elegant and stylish version of the traditional throw pillow that will add a touch of class to your living room or bedroom. They look great in white or neutral colors and the button detail adds a chic touch. If you prefer a different size it is not difficult to make them smaller or bigger. The directions have been included in the notes section of the pattern.

Designer : littlemonkeyscrochet
Pattern Here: 12” Buttoned Throw Pillow


Tree of the Life Crochet Pillow

Tree of the Life Crochet Pillow

Cable patterns form part of many Celtic designs and if you are drawn to these interesting patterns you will love this Tree of Life pillow crocheted in an overlay pattern stitch. And if you are familiar with the Tree of Life symbol of a lonely, hoping tree, this pattern in meadow colors will remind you of an ancient time when druids and magicians were still alive.

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Designer : lillabjorncrochet
Pattern Here: Tree of the Life Crochet Pillow


Popcorn Stitch Crochet Cushion

Popcorn Stitch Crochet Cushion

Single color pillows in ice cream shades are pretty awesome at showcasing cool textures and this squishy pink crochet cushion in a lovely popcorn stitch is ideal for that purpose. The back of the cushion is one big granny square and the edge is done in a standard scallop pattern. The finished size, crocheted in DK yarn, is 14” square but you can make it any size you like by simply adjusting the yarn thickness and hook size.

Designer : downgrapevinelane
Pattern Here: Popcorn Stitch Crochet Cushion

7 FREE Crochet Pillow Patterns You’ll Add To Your Bookmark.Find 276+ More #shareapattern.Click To Tweet

We hope our collection of free cushion cover patterns has inspired you with new ideas that you can’t wait to implement for your next crochet project.

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